Gert Duson - Expedition leader

The Timbuktu Challenge is the new „child“ of Gert Duson. To Africa-EVAR, Gert is hosting its third Libya Rally so far, he brought 5, 9000 km long Trans-Sahara desert rallies to a successful conclusion (Touareg Trail) and has now a personal experience in 38 African countries. He is guest speaker for the Expedition Advisory Team of the Royal Geographic Society in London. Gert is currently about 6 months per year in the black continent and look is looking forward to this new expedition.

Contact Gert:
Mobile: +32/(0)475 50 36 50
Tel/Fax: +32/(0)2 649 04 08
Skype: touareg-trail
Jean Van Volsemstraat 77
B-1050 Brussel
N 50°49.988' - E 004°22.339'


Cécile van Hattem - Chief communication & press

Cecile van Hattem, 40 years, born in France and lives in the Netherlands. Cecile has worked the last 6 years in the Dutch motorcycle industry - on projects like the National Motorcycle Show in Utrecht. There, she met the Dutch participants in the Dakar and felt their passion for the desert. This passion and a passion for the ancient stories of her father as a missionary in Senegal, made her more and more curious about the desert and rallies.
Cecile was press officer at the Libya Rally 2010 and is also very active in the Dutch Ducati Dealer Cup. An amateur Ducati cup running on several European circuits.
For the Timbuktu Challenge Cécile is responsible for communication, marketing, subscriptions and the press.
Contact Cecile: or via telephone 00 31 6 23110427.
More information can be found on her website:

Frans Verhoeven: off-road trainings

The Dutch-Belgian rider Frans Verhoeven travels back to Timbuktu. Frans, with a stage victory on a BMW motorcycle for the first time in 10 years, is one of the world's best enduro riders listed. Frans, just as Gert has a passion for Africa and now looks forward to guiding the motorcyclists. For the participants with less field experience Frans will be available for a few weekends in the Netherlands or Belgium for a special training. Verhoeven actually works almost full time as an enduro riding instructor in his own FV Off Road Academy where less experienced riders can develop their skills.



Bert Duursma : technical assistance

Bert Duursma stopped his BMW dealership after 10 years and now focuses 100% on allroad travel, training and rallying. The past 10 years, he has a tremendously good reputation when it comes to offroad, allroad and BMWs. For years he was by far the largest BMW GS dealer in the Netherlands and he also drove his BDM rally team. His BDM Rally School, offers many offroad events, including the offroad days on the circuit of Valkenswaard, the well-attended annual allroad days in October.
In 2004 the BDM team arrived in Dakar with 2 BMW's, also in 2009 (Pierre Kars Makers) and in 2010 it was Frans Verhoeven who participated at the Dakar on an BMW G450X with Berts help and knowhow. In 2008 a BMW BDM team won the Heroes Legend Paris-Dakar rally.
Bert is part of the Timbuktu Challenge team, primarily for technical assistance as well as a GPS consultant. Bert'ss experience can be a good help for you regarding the preparation of your engine, suspension settings, tire choice, GPS training, etc.
If you have questions contact Bert at:

The complete organization team accompanying you during the Timbuktu Challenge will consist of about 15 people, including reconnaissance team, cooks, mechanics, a medical officer, GPS specialist, photographer, etc.


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