Libya Rally 2014 – Morocco once more

Libya Rally, the rally in exile, chooses once more for Morocco as the host country for its 6th edition. From 16th to 23rd April 2014, about 200 racers and their assistance teams will enter the battle during 7 stages of this international cross-country rally. The kick off will be in the northern royal city of Fez; the final stage will be the already infamous beach race from TanTan to Agadir.

As always Libya Rally stands for:

  • 7 Dakar-worthy stages with an average of 300-400 kilometers per day; all off-road, so almost no “liaisons”.
  • Great variation when it comes to landscapes: Libya Rally is a real cross-country rally. We start in the north (Plateau de Rekkam) and drive along the Algerian border through Erg Chebbi and Zagora to the dunes of Chigaga and Lake Iriki. Across the Atlas mountains to TanTan and then via a beach track we reach the finish in Agadir. So no daily loops around Mhamid or Merzouga, instead something new every day.
  • Perfect FIA-style road books, personally written by our race director Jean-Claude Kaket (14xDakar, finished 12/14). All roadbooks are verified three times and are written according to FIA/FIM regulations. Motorbikers get them on a roll.
  • Recovery of vehicles and injured racers is guaranteed by a large fleet of sweeper trucks and medics.
  • Fingerlicking good catering, never seen before on a rally. No french breakfast (bread butter, jam) or fast food, but massive breakfasts, freshly made sandwiches on checkpoints and 3-course meals in the evening, including smoked salmon, big BBQ’s, chateaubriand steak, Belgian beers, good wines, etc.
  • Briefings in 4 different languages and a unique competition atmosphere on the race track yet a great team spirit and fun in the camp every night.


26 Motorbikes signed up already

Although Libya Rally is open to all vehicles (cars, buggies, SSV’s, quads, motorbikes &trucks) the last edition was dominated by an ever increasing number of 4x4’s, SSV’s and buggies. In order to restore the balance, the organisation has decided to do extra efforts to seriously increase the number of participants with quads & motorbikes. A price-drop of the registration fee in this category, as well as printing their roadbooks on roll paper are the first 2 efforts.

An immediate result of these efforts was the deal with EAO (Enduro Adventure Organisation). EAO has decided to integrate its “Raid Morocco”, annually representing 20 to 25 motorbikers, completely into the Libya Rally 2014. Martin Fontyn: “By being part of Gert Duson’s rally, our customers can not only live the real rally spirit during those 8 days, but they also benefit from the many advantages that a large event like the Libya Rally offers. Such advantages are a.o. perfect roadbooks, medical assistance, excellent catering, logistic support, sweeper trucks, bivouacs with many facilities, etc.”

The advantages of this collaboration for the Libya Rally are the guaranteed registration of another 20 motorbikers, bringing the total already to 26, and this 9 months before the start of the rally.


1st pre-tour Libya Rally 2014 starts next week

01/07/2013: Under the supervision of race director Jean-Claude Kaket, a delegation of the Libya Rally crew is heading for Morocco in a few days. Their mission is to search 2500 km of new tracks for the next edition of the Libya Rally. It will be the first out of 3 pre-tours, necessary to produce and verify the perfect road books, one of thé trade marks of the Libya Rally.


HOT NEWS: Libya Rally 2014 - the dates

We still have to wait another 11 long months, but today the new date for Libya Rally 2014 has been approved. The technical checks & the start of the 6th edition of the rally will take place in Morocco’s Royal City of FEZ on Wednesday 16th April 2014. On the 23th April, a week later, the 7th stage will be one for the history books: a legendary beach race (Plage Blanche) of more than 200 km from Tan-Tan to our final destination, the city of Agadir!

Dunes, mountain tracks and everything in between, 7 Dakar-worthy Specials with daily averages of 250 to 350 km and nearly no liaisons; beautiful bivouacs, perfect FIA-style road-books, assistance routes for all kinds of vehicles, an experienced organisation team, a fantastic atmosphere, and last but not least fingerlicking good Belgian catering! Up for it? Get in touch!

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The live reporting of Libya Rally 2013 was brought on the Dutch rally website Rankings, pictures and interviews (in Dutch only I'm afraid) were published on a daily basis and can still be consulted. For English updates, your best chances are to check our Facebook page.

A first beautiful selection of pictures of Libya Rally 2013. Special thanks to our in-house photographers Jan Van Gelder, Isolde Poncelet and Ioannis Tsoulousis.

The final classification of the teams still in the race after 7 days of racing you can find here (per category: Bikes, Cars, SSV's, Buggies)


Libya Rally 2013 goes Morocco: Last reconnaissance tour & last chance to register

Today a six persons delegation of the Libya Rally is heading for our new host country Morocco. Their mission for the coming two weeks is the verification and the correction of the road books of the 5th edition of the rally. Under the supervision of race director and Dakar veteran Jean-Claude Kaket (14 Dakars), the team will check the 7 stages, all together 2400 km for a last time.


The 7 stages of “Libya Rally goes Morocco”:
• Stage 1 (April 19th): Ouarzazate – Merzouga: 520 km
• Stage 2 (April 20th): Merzouga – Merzouga: 230 km
• Stage 3 (April 21st): Merzouga – Mhamid: 304 km
• Stage 4 (April 22nd): Mhamid – Mhamid: 326 km
• Stage 5 (April 23rd): Mhamid – Zagora: 330 km
• Stage 6 (April 24th): Zagora – Tazernakth: 244 km
• Stage 7 (April 25th): Tazernakth – Marrakech: 311 km

A large number of people has registered for the 2013 edition: 120 participants (pilots, copilots & asssistance). Combined with an organising team of about 40 to 50 people, it looks like we’ll get a beautiful event in Moroccan desert.

All types of vehicles will be represented on the rally: motorbikes, quads and many SSV’s. But with more than 30 cars and buggies registered already, the 4x4 segment is going to represent the largest category. Nearly all cars that battled for the title last year, will be present again in 2013: the Jeep Proto of last year’s winner Willem Kien, the superfast Mitsubishi Pajero Mivec of Vincent Thijs, the 4x4 Porche 911 of Agostino Rizzardi, some RAV4 proto’s, many Landcruiser HDJ80’s, a few Rally Raid UK Desert Warriors, etc.

Also for those who do not have a full rally-prepared desert monster, the Libya Rally has options. For a participation in the “Adventure Raid” category, one does not require a roll cage or adapted racing seatbelts. A standard 4x4 like a Toyota Landcruiser, Landrover Defender or similar vehicles can participate in this category (same roadbooks, but no chrono). About 10 cars have registered in this group.

Deadline for registration: Registrations will be accepted until 20th March 2013.

For all those who are hesitating:
“10 good reasons why should you participate in the “Libya Rally goes Morocco”?

1. It’s a real desert rally, with time-chrono, using the international FIA-race rules (but a bit more flexible)
2. An “Adventure Raid” category for “standard cars” or those not interested in racing
3. Seven breathtaking tracks(cross country, so not just a few loops around the Merzouga dunes)
4. A different scenery every day: dunes, mountains, plains, etc.
5. Sweepertrucks, also for cars: we leave no-one behind
6. A very personal and friendly approach
7. Transport & service options for all types of vehicles
8. Daily briefings in different languages (English, French, Dutch)
9. Top-catering (with big barbecues, smoked salmon, real Belgian beer, etc.)
10. A unique & fantastic atmosphere

We’ll give you the adventure, you just ride it!
Hope to see you in the South of Morocco



April 2013: Libya Rally goes Morocco

Yes, there will be a next one! Since the disarming of the rebels hasn’t been completed yet and since the elections will take place soon, it’s maybe a little too early for an event as big a our rally to return to its “homeland” Libya. But since waiting isn’t our style either, we’ve decided to let our “rally in excile” take place once more in another guestland … MOROCCO.

And this time we’re preparing something unique: with 200 participants (race/ raid/ discovery/ assistance) we’ll be travelling to the far south of Morocco. The battle zone of LR2013 will be largely situated in the triangle Zagora-Merzouga-Mhamid, one of the most spectacular and most divers landscapes of Northern Africa.

Typical for the 2013 edition of our rally will be the enormous diversity when it comes to race tracks. Meandering dirt roads, fast tracks, big and high dunes (Erg Chebbi & Erg Chigaga), salt plains and gravel. This country just has it all, even WRC-style mountain roads in the High Atlas Mountains. The rally will finish in style in Morocco’s most legendary Royal City … Marrakech.

To get the exact planning and a detailed description of the stages you’ll have to wait a little bit longer until the first reconnaissance tour, which will take place this summer, is completed. What we can tell you already is the timeframe of the rally: Scuteneering in Ouarzazate on Thursday 18th April 2013, followed by a 7 days race from Friday 19th till Thursday 25th April 2013.

As always we guarantee you:

• A high-level rally
• Perfect road books
• Good medical assistance
• Fingerlicking good catering
• And a large portion of adventure, adrenaline, team spirit & fun

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PS: our website will get a facelift this summer, so it might take a few more weeks before all info on the 2013 “Libya Rally goes Morocco” will be online. Our apologies for this inconvenience.


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The live reporting of Libya Rally 2012 will be brought on the Dutch rally website Rankings, pictures and interviews (in Dutch only I'm afraid) will be published -not on a daily- but on a regular basis.

This year we have about 30 cars and 15 quads, motorbikes and buggies participating. You can find their respective race numbers here.


New top-instructor for the Dune Driving School

Rashad Faraj started his carreer as a rally driver with top 3 finishes
in the UAE Championships and is now full time and successfull desert rally trainer (training a.o. Ardavichus Artur and Ivanov Andrey, into being placed 1st and 2nd in the T2 category cross country world championships 2008.
Rashad has prepared a long list of professional drivers,
and their vehicles for various Desert Challenges including the Dakar in South America. His ability to read the sands and his love for what he does, have led to an addictive enthusiasm that when adopted by others; leads to a completive spirit that Rashad nurtures into a winning drive.

Clients will learn from this desert fox how to control a vehicle in extreme situations and how to conquer the elements by understanding the harshness of the soft sands, the gravity defeating momentum needed to climb, and the extreme control of low end torque to maintain superiority over the elements, how to survive and compete to win a Desert Challenge.


Grégoire de Mevius will start in the Libya Rally

19/12/2009: The famous Belgian rally pilot Grégoire de Mevius, who terminated his sporting career as a rally pilot in 2005, has decided, by participating in the Libya Rally, to taste again the beauty and the adventure that African rallies offer. The man who was twice World Champion in the N-group, Belgian rally champion in 1995 and one of the best pilots in the Dakar for 9 years, will participate in the Libya Rally in the “adventure” category, driving a Manx Buggy.
More excellent news is that Stephane Henrard (Buggy VW TDI), best Belgian racer since Jacky Ickx with an overall 6th (2003) and 7th (1999) place in the Dakar, has put the Libya Rally on his agenda as the first event after the Dakar 2010 for him and his team.




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