Touareg Trail Classic

21 July 2013: Yes! It is finally happening: the promotion campaign for the 10th edition in 2014 is starting today and registrations for the 35 teams are open. Touareg Trail Classic will be a real rally, from Brussels, Paris & Barcelona to DAKAR. 100% roadbook navigation & 5555 km of pure adventure open to all classic 2-wheel powered cult cars. Across the Atlas mountains of Morocco, the Sahara desert of Mauritania and incredibly nice Savanna tracks to the "Lac Rose", the legendary finish of "Le Dakar".

Our new website is being developed now and will go live from 15th October onwards.

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime?
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Touareg Trail 2014

Dear 2CV friends,
Dear African Adventurers,

It’s been a while since we last communicated about the Touareg Trail, but that’s only because we didn’t plan a 2013 edition. This year we took a well-deserved sabbatical. Not with the aim of doing nothing, rather on the contrary. We had some serious thinking to do about the way forward. In 2014, our organisation Living Stone Projects has its 10 years anniversary and this asks for a celebration. Not only by having a big party, but first of all by organising a very special edition of the rally it all started with: the by now legendary TOUAREG TRAIL.

Mid September 2013 we’ll officially present the new edition of the adventure challenge, with a live presentation & a completely new website. Exact date and venue of this event will be announced soon. In order not to spoil the surprise effect, we won’t reveal any secrets yet, but just know …

• that we’re working on completely new and breathtakingly beautiful tracks through the African wilderness. We get help from Mr. Jean-Claude Kaket, a true rally veteran and Africa specialist (14 participations to the Dakar rally on his track record).
• that the GPS will play a smaller role next year cause you’ll be navigating aided by a tripmaster and a professionally made Dakar-style roadbook.
• that there will be a “Part 1”, from Brussels, Paris or Barcelona to DAKAR (24th Sept – 12th October 2014), crossing the Sahara desert (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal).
• that there will be a “Part 2”, from Dakar to Benin (12th October – 26th October 2014), during which we’ll cross 5 Black African countries in just over 2 weeks (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin)
• that there will be a big discount for those going all the way (Part 1 + 2)
• that there will be a big discount for ex-participants who come back
• that the “Adventure with the big A” level will go up even higher
• that it will once again be the Adventure of a Lifetime & soooo much fun!

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned & See you soon
Adventurous regards


What's NEW in 2012: 2 x Touareg Trail

Between 2005 and 2009, the Touareg Trail adventure rally was only possible to those who were lucky to have a lot of holiday (the expedition lasted 30 days, started in Brussels and ended in Benin). This year we have decided to cut the route in 2 parts, making it possible for every 2CV driver, to participate in at least 1 2CV-adventure. Touareg Trail - Part 1 (called "the Dakar Challenge") starts in Paris or rather in the port of Barcelona and takes the pilots accross the Atlas mountains of Morocco and the deserts of Mauritania to the legendary capital of Senegal: Dakar. This rally takes place during the second half of October 2012. Those who prefer "Black Africa", start on the 1st November 2012 in Dakar. This breathtaking route takes you from Senegal, via savanna and jungle routes of Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo to the white sandy beaches of the tropics in Benin. Important to know is that for both rallies, we'll only allow 30 CitroŽn 2Cv per event. So if you want to join this adventure of a lifetime, reserve your place quickly via


TT 2011 - Part 2 - Raid Afrique (from Senegal to Benin)

On 1st November 2012, 30 legendary 2CV’s leave once again for a great adventure. A rally/raid covering 4000 km across Black Africa, through sahel, savanna and jungles of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin. The start will be given in Dakar, Senegal; the arrival party will take place 2 weeks later on the white sandy beaches of Grand Popo, Benin. As usual the people behind the wheel are not profession racers, nor Paris-Dakar pilots, but ordinary men en women with 3 things in common: an absolute passion for adventure, Africa and of course … their 2CV


TT 2012 - Part 1 - the Dakar Challenge (Barcelona-Dakar)

On 13th October 2012, 30 Citroën 2CV’s leave from Paris and Barcelona for an epic adventure. A journey of 5000 km, in two and a half weeks, crossing 3 African countries. Their destination is the legendary Senegalese capital Dakar. The route are a breathtaking mix of tarmac and dusty, stony and sandy off-road tracks. The adventure starts in the port of Barcelona and finished in the tropics, on a white palm beach next to a deep blue ocean. Download the brochure here.



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